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Conférence de Hikari Fujji


Hikari Fujji, professeur à l'Université d’Akita au Japon, présentera une conférence le mardi 17 septembre 2019 à 12 h 15, à la salle 2403 au Centre Eau Terre Environnement de l'INRS.

La conférence s'intitule Enhanced GSHP systems using artificial groundwater flow in GHEs
Résumé :
A newly-developed “semi-open loop GSHP system” will be introduced with the results of TRT, heating/cooling tests and numerical modeling. This system comprises two vertical Ground heat exchangers GHEs in which groundwater is pumped from one well and injected to another using a water pump. The purpose of the water pumping and injection is to create an artificial groundwater flow around the GHEs to increase the heat advection between the GHEs and the surrounding ground. A sensitivity analysis was also performed to evaluate the system performance under different operational and geological conditions. The results showed that in comparison with conventional GSHP operation, coefficient of performance COP and system coefficient of performance SCOP can be enhanced by 100d 62 respectively, in cooling operations.
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