By jeanmichel.theriault - Posted on 23 février 2012

Introduction to Image analysis

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Image analysis is concerned with the extraction of quantitative information from images captured in a digital form.


All image analysis procedure involve 4 major steps that are briefly outlined in the following pages. They are:



More information can be found in the book I have edited Image Analysis, Sediments and Paleoenvironments.


Acquiring images at the microscope


Petrographic microscope

Coming soon...

Scanning electron microscope



Processing images



Download movie (3M)





Image measurements


The following measurements are made on each particle within the field of view

  • Gravity center (g)
  • Surface area (A)
  • L major
  • l minor
  • Angle (α)



Results are saved in a spreadsheet for further processing


Examples of measurements indices


Equivalent disk diameter




Example: Turbidite from Sawtooth Lake, Arctic, Canada


Original SEM view


Processed image


Synthesis of possible measurements